Chattanooga Association for Clinical Pastorial Care

Strategic Planning Process Elements

(Plan Document Table of Contents)

I. Mission

II. Philosophy/Beliefs

III. Goals

IV. Recommended Strategies



The mission of Chattanooga Association for Clinical Pastoral Care is to provide a supervised learning experience that encourages the development of pastoral identity and skills in persons who seek to minister in clinical, congregational and community settings.

CACPC will position itself to ensure the long term viability and growth of its Accredited programs.



We Believe: Our organization should express the caring nature of God;

In the dignity and worth of all individuals;

In the right of all individuals to receive pastoral care and spiritual support; In the integration of medical and other sciences with theology;

That spirituality is an essential component of wellness;

In offering each student an educational experience that is beneficial to his or her learning process.



Maintain accreditation according to The Standards of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (Note: 10 year accreditation in 2005).

Remain an active, funded partner with our current host institutions and the religious community. Add five (5) host institutions by 2006.

Establish an endowment of $5MM by 2006.

Ensure that 30% of at least 30 students represent ethnic and theological diversity each year.

Establish a full time residency program of three (3) residents by 2003 and six (6) by 2006.



Develop and implement integrated marketing communication efforts designed to reach target audiences: current and potential hosts, diverse local congregations, diverse sources of students and residents, potential traditional and non-traditional students and residents, sources of funding, community at large, health and human service institutions.

Recruit diverse traditional and non-traditional (lay and caregivers) students and residents.

Recruit, develop and retain a quality and diverse faculty to include volunteer faculty.

Retain and strengthen relationships with current hosts while identifying and recruiting additional traditional and non-traditional hosts.

Establish a development program that targets both individuals and organizations/institutions for operating and endowment funds.

Recruit and retain board members who can and will further the mission, goals and strategies of CACPC.